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Iaido - Japanese Sword Training

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Welcome to Seibu Ryu!

We are a Seattle school teaching Japanese sword arts, specifically Iaido. Classes are safe and fun, open to all men & women ages 15 to adult, and are taught with non-edged weapons for beginners and then progress with experience.

Learn about Iaido and how we teach it and learn more about our instructors.

The history of our school reaches back to Japan and Mochizuki Takashi Sensei who established Seibu Ryu to teach Iai-Battojutsu.

Our mission statement lays out why we study Iaido and why we teach it.

Our gallery of photos and videos let you check out a bit of what we do.

If you would like some further detail our curriculum is available here. This may seem a little overwhelming at first but new students will find that they will be able to pick things up fairly quickly and progress at a pace that will keep them engaged. Have a look at our class schedule. We also perform demonstrations on occasion that will allow you to see Iaido being practiced live.

Aikido and Kendo students will find that Iaido can serve as a great complement to their current training. Whether you are a new or highly experienced Aikido or Kendo practicioner, you can view Iaido as an excellent addition to your on-going studies.

We'd love for you to visit and learn with us! Get directions here and please don't hesitate to contact our instructors directly with any questions.